Fashion Show

The importance of fashion shows in fashion design, which has become increasingly important and renewed in the field of fashion marketing, is undeniable. The fashion shows, which are accepted as a public relations work, have become an image show where the designer and his works are introduced. This process, which began with British fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth, has turned into big shows all over the world. Fashion shows are also known as the fashion shows in the fashion world that guide the communication sources and fairs. It is very important how the collections presented in the press with their articles and photographs.

A creative, magnificent and expertly prepared fashion show can encourage consumers to buy even if they are not. Due to this situation, fashion shows are considered as an important marketing technique in the field of fashion design and contribute to the transformation of ordinary clothes into fashion (Tungate, 2006), (Çivitçi, 2004). In this study, the concept of fashion show, the emergence of the show and the development process under the historical process were evaluated. In the course of all this development process, the effects of fashion marketing was investigated and thus the importance of fashion in the fashion world was investigated.